Who is A?

People think they’re so cool spoiling things for others. I’ve read the books so you guys aren’t actually spoiling anything for me. It’s almost exactly the same. :)

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Anonymous asked:
>who is a ?

I haven’t watched any of season two sorry! I’ve been pretty busy with my personal life!

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Anonymous asked:
>who is a

I don’t know, I haven’t watched Season two.

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thatopinionatedfemme asked:
>I think that "A" tried to kill Jenna because Jenna used to be part of A but then Jenna thought it was overboard/over the top/whatever, so Jenna tried to get out and/or put an end to it, so another part of A killed Jenna.
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So my blog won’t be needed! :/

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shaannannigans asked:
>you should sign up for the PLL texts, if you havent already. you get messages from A every week :)

I probably can’t cause I’m in Australia!

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I seen the first episode of season 2. But that’s it. I have so many other TV shows to catch up on too. I just don’t really see myself watching PLL anytime soon. So this blog isn’t going to be used. Unless someone wants to become a co-member & help run it?

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“I’m not afraid of Friday the 13th but I know Four Little Liars that should be…”

— A

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